Real Use Case for the Blockchain. Q&A with Customer

Real Use Case for the Blockchain. Q&A with Customer2018-04-18T20:00:10+00:00

Today we want to share the experience of our first customer with you.

As you all know the Alpha platform has been live for a while now. And since then we have been in close contact with Gigi, our first customer. From April 12th to 15th Gigi stayed in Nha Trang, Vietnam at Vinpearl Nha Trang Empire Suites in a luxurious king suite. (room down below) To share the experience of Gigi, we asked her some questions.

How did you find out about
Through this site:
I was looking for potential ICOs to invest my money and found this gem.

Did the room work out to be considerably cheaper?
“ Yes, the room went from $110 to only $25 per night, so the discount was around 70%, thanks to the ICO tokens.

How did you experience the booking process on the platform? Was it easy? “Booking steps are very clear and easy to follow. It was unexpected because the payment process went very quick, under 1 minute since I transferred CGE to the wallet. I got automatic confirmation emails, and some were manually sent by the resort.”

How did the check-in process go at the hotel? “It was smooth, I just had to show the check-in code I got via email and the receptionist processed my booking as any other guest.”

How did you experience the booking overall, did you have a nice stay? “Yes it was amazing, the service was above expectation. They gave me goodnight chocolates before sleeping.

When I asked for ice to drink coke, they gave us a stainless champagne bucket full of ice. They cleaned the room everyday, very tidy. And the best is that the whole hotel smells so good!!”

Where would you like to expand next? “More properties on board, cheaper room price than other OTAs. next step should be expansion to tours and restaurants.”

Where do you see a few years down the line? Do you think it has the potential to become a ‘household name’? “I think Concierge will take 1–2 years to setup the basic core, then 1–2 more years to scale up and compete with traditional OTAs.”

Now that you’ve used, how safe would you feel using the service again? “I will absolutely use CGE to book rooms for future trips and I recommend it to all my friends as well”

We are thrilled that Gigi already had such a good experience using our Alpha platform, and want to thank her for the continuous support. We couldn’t be more happy with a first experience like this one.

In the next few months we can expect properties all over the world to be added, we have a global partnership that will include all levels of accommodation numbering 10,000 properties coming soon. Due to competitors, we will not release full details until this deal has been completely finalised. This is just the first of many partnerships over the next 6 months.

We want to thank Gigi once again for her support and booking and are very glad she had a smooth experience.

Warm regards,

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More Photos from Gigi:

More Photos from Gigi: